Monthly Archives: December 2012

  It’s New Year’s Eve, and that means millions of people around the world will be looking up towards the sky, although this probably won’t be for the constellations or night time activity, but instead for the bright flashes from fireworks.  In my home town in North Devon, we all line the banks of the… Read Article →

One of the interesting aspects of Asteroids which I don’t think is discussed enough is how they affect both the gravitational access of Earth, but also the sea level and way the seas sit in general. I mean, did you know that the largest Asteroids are actually capable of shifting the Oceans on a permanent… Read Article →

Some pioneering individuals who used to work for NASA have set up a company called Golden Spike. Their goal is to send the first tourists to the moon as part of their space tourism venture, their deadline is before 2020.  The company said that this business was perfectly timed as the there have been developments… Read Article →

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