Astronomy Applications for the Ipad

There are some incredible applications for Apples New Ipad tablet.  However one of the most impressive ones is actually a very good astronomy program called Star Walk.  On one side it’s a fantastic source of facts and information about the solar system, at least the equal of an astronomy guide – however if you check it out, you’ll see it is much more.

If you are having trouble identifying a star or constellation then simply point your Ipad with Star Walk running. The built in GPS makes sure that the map orientation matches the stars and you can easily identify even when the entire constellation is not visible.

There are other more mundane uses of the Ipad of course, but I’ve also found a way to watch some of the BBC’s wonderful astronomy programming on this post which shows how to watch Iplayer on the Ipad abroad. You can still catch the last episodes of the “Star Gazing Live’ show and of course – The Sky at Night has been the inspiration of thousands of young astronomers. Using the Iplayer application you can even watch it in the morning.

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