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It’s perhaps not known for it’s scientific attractions, more for architecture and a certain way of living.  Yet France has been at the forefront of science for many hundreds of years and there are lots of fantastic attractions for people to enjoy. France includes a scientific identity different from its world picture of a nation… Read Article →

Fro many of us there’s been little to get excited about Donald Trump’s remarkable ascent to the President of the USA.  However despite all the negatives perhaps there’s something good that he might instigate, the rumours are that Trump want’s to send the US to the moon again. Apparently under consideration is a rapid and… Read Article →

There is an exciting development for the small but vibrant business sector in Cork in Southern Ireland.  The European Space Agency (ESA) is establishing a new center there to help support Irish companies start up particularly in the space sector.  It will facilitate the provision of investment capital as well as providing practical guidance and… Read Article →

The search for extraterrestrial life is something that has fascinated man since the dawn of time.  However up until the last century it was a fairly passive interest, with even the largest telescopes unable to see the distances that were likely to be involved.   Indeed now there is little likelihood of us seeing evidence… Read Article →

There’s no best telescope for everybody. The biggest single article of glass telescope on earth could be the Large Binocular Telescope (LBT) in Arizona. This is excellent for taking pictures throughout the telescope, referred to as astrophotography. In spite of a little 60mm telescope, you are going to be able enough to see at least… Read Article →

Scientists also have found that Ganymede’s surface shows indications of flooding. The Moon has approximately equal levels of silicate rock and also water ice. Ganymede is among an increasing number of moons which are thought to get water underground. Ganymede is among five moons within our solar system thought to support huge oceans beneath icy… Read Article →

These ejections are called solar flares. These really are the hours where in fact the receiver isn’t effective at detecting SID events from solar flares. It is certain we’ll experience disruptive solar flares that may probably knock out some satellites. This will definitely place the sun in the solar maximum that is prime time for… Read Article →

An astronomy laser pointer might really be a terrific tool for all those astronomy fans to surely have an obvious stargazing and targeting. The sciences in astronomy also have a few other aspects like those required to create radio telescopes possible. In this composition, we’ll have a look at technology used in astronomy today. In… Read Article →

Gravitational Radiation will be to gravity what light would be to electromagnetism. A space-based gravitational observatory might also be quite large as you would only have to put mirrors at several locations. Space times containing gravitational waves aren’t stationary, but perhaps there’s something similar we can do in a few proper special case. Remarkably, we… Read Article →

Everything we see on space during night time is really amazing. Videoovervågning can show us how wonderful we have on space. The use of space technology and astronomy is known as space exploration. It discovers celestial spaces or celestial bodies. Expedition has taken robot space craft and even human spaceflight. These are ways to explore… Read Article →

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