Seeing Stars

Spending a lifetime studying the skies can be hard especially as discoveries are so few and far between so if a discovery is out there how would you celebrate?

There is always Champagne but that is a bit old hat and a nice way of celebrating with a drink is having a good whisky like on here. There would be the obligtory party as well and getting a comet or a star named after yourself must be the ultimate accolade in the world of astronomy.

But how many people actually make these kind of discoveries? A great deal of the night sky has been mapped but there are constantly changes happening and when you consider that space is infinite then there must be a discovery for everyone out there. With advanced technologies we are able to see so much more so the chances must be quite good that experts are going to make discoveries fairly regularly. With equipment that can see better and further and monitering equipment now in place what might have taken a room full of people can now be done by one.

This might all be up for debate but I am sure there will be a huge discovery soon like we have seen in Hollywood blockbusters such as a life threatening asteroid or even a planet that has life on it. Only time will tell what we will discover next but I am sure it will be a groundbreaking moment in human existence.