Star Gazing in Cornwall

While star-gazing with the latest technology is a sure way to enjoy some of the finest experiences of the skies above our head, during a recent excursion into Cornwall I had the chance to get back to basics with nothing more than a basic telescope and one of the purest dark skies I have seen in a very long time. The trip had been planned a visit to the Roseland observatory, which after visiting for several nights we were unable to get the weather conditions that made proper searching possible, however, the chance to get out on the 4th evening alone with just a telescope proved to be more than just an exercise in seeing some of the most beautiful skies in one of the least light-polluted areas across the UK.

Exploring the skies with a simple telescope reminded me of the time when I became most interested in space exploration as a boy, and while I may not have managed to become the astronaut that I dreamed of, my love of the stars above our heads has never changed. During my time spent out in the wide open spaces of Cornwall I managed to get some amazing views of not just Saturn’s rings, but also the wonderfully rich colours of Jupiter and the famous ’red spot’.

So, if you’re looknig for somewhere to go in order to explore the skies with ltitle more than a ’backyard telescope’ – I would whole-heartedly reccommend a trip down to Cornwall. If you get the correct weather conditions then I’m sure that the Roseland observatory would prove to be mightilty impressive, however, if you’re unlucky like me, you may find another way in which you can once again find the sights that made you fall in love with star-gazing as a boy.