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In a couple of weeks, Sunday 20th July to be exact, it will be exactly 45 years since the first two astronauts set foot on the moon.  The USA and Russia,  poured money and resources in to various space programs that pushed back the boundaries like nothing before them.  In today’s money, the US spent… Read Article →

There doesn’t seem to be the money around anymore to seriously push the boundaries of space back.  The world my generation was brought up in – of Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica and Star Wars doesn’t seem any more closer than it was 30 years ago. In all these films and series, mankind didn’t just hang… Read Article →

The end of 2013, saw another great step in China’s space exploration program, as it landed a craft that contained a robot vehicle on the surface of the moon.  The module used it’s landing thruster’s to touch down safely on the surface, it was the first soft landing achieved on the moon for nearly four… Read Article →

It might sound hard to believe but after only a few decades of space exploration, we have already managed to fill space with junk.  In fact experts are insisting that there is so much debris flying around that there is a major risk of collisions – a fact agreed upon in a major international meeting… Read Article →

The next few months is likely to be a very exciting one for comet watchers.  Several very interesting comets are likely to be making an appearance over the weeks to come. First up on the agenda we hope to be able to spot Comet Ison which has rushed in from the outer solar system into… Read Article →

It doesn’t sound like the biggest appointment in the global context of space exploration but actually the UK is a fairly big player in the world exploration of space.  The UK Space Agency has appointed Dr David Parker to be the new director of Space Science and it’s at a point where the industry in… Read Article →

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