Monthly Archives: January 2013

It doesn’t sound like the biggest appointment in the global context of space exploration but actually the UK is a fairly big player in the world exploration of space.  The UK Space Agency has appointed Dr David Parker to be the new director of Space Science and it’s at a point where the industry in… Read Article →

One thing I couldn’t help but think about the other day, when I saw an asteroid shooting through the sky, in front of the moon…was how our climate and wider economy and very way of life would be affected if anything changed in the near term area away from Earth. Scientists refer to the near… Read Article →

Spending a lifetime studying the skies can be hard especially as discoveries are so few and far between so if a discovery is out there how would you celebrate? There is always Champagne but that is a bit old hat and a nice way of celebrating with a drink is having a good whisky like… Read Article →

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