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So I think we have all just seen the worth of having some type of government sponsored space program right? I mean, do we really want our government with all the resources it has at its disposal, to need the help of amateur astronomers to find out that our planet might be ended by a… Read Article →

Ever wonder how much of your hard-earned pay goes to taxes to pay for things like scientific research?  If not, you should.  Use a Paycheck calculator to make sure you’re paying your fair share of taxes, and not a penny more! Any person that is currently looking for the job that would take care of… Read Article →

A recent report suggests that hobbies such as star gazing can actually reduce blood pressure levels in individuals suffering from hypertension.  Reference a blood pressure chart to see if you have hypertension. A person’s blood pressure should neither be too high nor too low.  A chart can help a person keep track of his pressure… Read Article →

Military funding for space exploration has increased dramatically in recent years.  According to this 2013 military pay chart the funding is set to increase next year was well. Several websites list the current year’s military pay chart along with an archive of previous years’ pay charts. However, just because the base pay chart is readily… Read Article →

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