Asteroids and The Seas

CarnerosOne of the interesting aspects of Asteroids which I don’t think is discussed enough is how they affect both the gravitational access of Earth, but also the sea level and way the seas sit in general.

I mean, did you know that the largest Asteroids are actually capable of shifting the Oceans on a permanent basis.

Since I give a ton of wine gifts around the holidays, I had to stop and think what a shift might do in Northern California.  I mean the last couple bottles of wine that I’ve bought have been from a low laying section of land called Carneros, which holds the distinction as the only growing region technically part of both Napa Valley as well as Sonoma.  Well, let’s just say that a 10 foot rise in tides, would decimate this unique region-which would be really, really disassapointing to me and thousands of other wine drinkers!