Astronomy and Growing Vineyards for Wine

Astronomy can tell quite a few things about our natural world.

The wine industry is slowly beginning to use astronomy among other natural disciplines to attempt to guess which vineyard locations would be best suited for their specific brand of wine.  As a wine of the month club once told me, vineyard planting is often thought of as an afterthought to where a vineyard owner places their house, but it is quickly the one aspect of their property that they wish they could change.

So how can astronomy help?

As we continue to be better at tracking meterorites and asteroids, will we be able to pinpoint where all kinds of solar events happen?  Long term could a vineyard owner know which some level of comfort that the suns rays will be slightly hotter on one side of their vineyard over the summer?  If they had a bunch of small pieces of information like that, the general quality of their wine would increase greatly.

Astronomy as I hope you’ve realized, can help with a lot more than simply saving the Earth from imminent destruction at the hands of an asteroid.