At Home Under The Stars

With city lights becoming brighter the star are becoming something that are becoming more difficult for people to see and enjoy there beauty.  Light pollution obscures the stars in the night sky for city dwellers, interferes with astronomical observatories and like any other form of pollution, disrupts ecosystems and has adverse health effects. Its something that worries me that some children have never seen the true beauty of a night sky with all the stars shining brightly

Light pollution was something that I took into account when I was looking for a new property to rent. I was very important for me to find a new home that would be big enough for me and my growing family but of course as an amateur astronomer I was searching for a place where I would be free from the bright lights of the city and able to enjoy the natural wonders of outer space.

I was lucky enough to find my perfect home recently a beautiful 4 bed room (one that i have take over as my man cave with my telescope) detached house just far enough outside the city that I can still enjoy my astrology but close enough to the city for me and my wife to commute to work on a daily basis. There is also a great school near by for the kids to attend which has an excellent academic record so are delighted to be sending the children there.

It took a bit of searching and browsing the Internet to find the right place for us but it was really worth it to have this new property that we can all call home and enjoy bringing up our family showing the children the wonders of the night sky with all the stars and planets for them to discover and take a passion in.