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The next few months is likely to be a very exciting one for comet watchers.  Several very interesting comets are likely to be making an appearance over the weeks to come. First up on the agenda we hope to be able to spot Comet Ison which has rushed in from the outer solar system into… Read Article →

There’s not exactly a lot of women listed in the historical development of astrophysics but there’s a notable exception in Ireland – Lady Margaret Huggins.  She spent over thirty years working with her husband William Huggins as they laid a significant foundation for the development of astrophysics. This remarkable lady was born Margaret Murray in… Read Article →

Over the past couple of years, we’ve witnessed what is in essence the collapse of the United States space program, don’t you agree? Meanwhile, China is venturing ahead with manned space flights seemingly by the month and the Russian federation, newly flush with natural gas money from Europe is doing the same. My friend who… Read Article →

I think we’re setting up a new normal when it comes to space exploration.  No longer will the United States of America and Russia dominate the landscape.  Instead, China, the EU and yes the once much maligned international space station are going to carry much of the load.  Of course, given different budget ideas in… Read Article →

I was born on October 31st which makes me a Scorpio.  Now, I am not a big believer of star signs making you a certain personality otherwise there would only be 12 different personalities on the earth.  However, I have always been interested in what you can see in the sky, so I thought that… Read Article →

Are you one of the people who have an interest in NASA operations? If you are a student studying a course related to space and other planets, you may be interested in using the NASA Free iPhone app. Isn’t it interesting to see what NASA are doing today or even get information on their developments… Read Article →

Space exporation, that’s quite a vast and never ending task but it is one that many people decide to delve into. Let me tell you, it is very interesting. You do have to have that certain something that makes you want to study the sky for days at a time but it is all worth… Read Article →

Many young people that want to be an astrologist don’t realize the rigorous education they will need to attain.  It’s important that those willing to get this education take the time to use free online tool that will promote their success such as a gpa calculator. Getting straight A’s does not always guarantee one success… Read Article →

It is the largest infrared telescope ever to have been sent up into space, but alas scientists are expecting the end to be coming soon.  It’s called the Herschel Space Observatory and was launched in the Summer of 2009, it was of course named after the famous astronomer William Herschel.  It’s a huge telescope and… Read Article →

Space exploration isn’t exactly wha you see in the films. Where Hollywood might send people up into space and get in contact with weird and wonderful life forms in reality the majority of it is done in observatories across the world.  New discoveries happen from time to time but again, it is not like in… Read Article →

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