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Armageddon is a religious term. It refers the battle at the end of the world and of course to a corny movie starring Bruce Willis. The end of the world, especially if it happens quickly rather than through a slow painful degradation such as some environmentalists and writers predict will hold a strong religious significance… Read Article →

  During clear, mild nights there is often nothing better than looking up to the stars to relax. The twinkling of the lights in the sky is fascinating, and on a silent night offers a great opportunity for quiet reflection and contemplation. Everyone is able to appreciate the great mystery of space, and the fact… Read Article →

If you’re interested in space science and exploration you could be forgiven for thinking we’re in for a barren few years.  Space exploration seems to have been hit by boring earth bound problems like debts, rubbish banks and property crashes.  We’re always hearing about budget cuts in the ESA, NASA and all the other cool… Read Article →

Space exploration has always been a fascinating subject but so few take it further and beyond a childhood interest and make the efoort to go on to study it further. The internet is changing that with a vast amount of information available online as well as resouces to actually see some of the amazing things… Read Article →

  An online marketing company is an agency that knows many internet tricks and secrets to generate traffic to a specific website. If you are hoping to share knowledge about astronomy and to direct attention to several astronomical observatories you will want to focus on the following method: The Proper Method for Astronomical Results Focus… Read Article →

If you want to get a job in the space industry or astronomy, you need to go to college. Now days with college tuition costing so much, many students are opting to take other routes that won’t leave them with debt. But if you gaze at the stars every night and wish you could someday… Read Article →

Military funding for space exploration has increased dramatically in recent years.  According to this 2013 military pay chart the funding is set to increase next year was well. Several websites list the current year’s military pay chart along with an archive of previous years’ pay charts. However, just because the base pay chart is readily… Read Article →

The clever scientists at MIT have suggested that Mercury may have once had a large sea of magma on it’s surface.  They propose that it developed sometime soon after it’s formation over 4 billion years ago. The proposal is from the initial findings of a group of scientists who investigated the XRay data from NASA’s Messenger… Read Article →

It doesn’t sound like the biggest appointment in the global context of space exploration but actually the UK is a fairly big player in the world exploration of space.  The UK Space Agency has appointed Dr David Parker to be the new director of Space Science and it’s at a point where the industry in… Read Article →

Spending a lifetime studying the skies can be hard especially as discoveries are so few and far between so if a discovery is out there how would you celebrate? There is always Champagne but that is a bit old hat and a nice way of celebrating with a drink is having a good whisky like… Read Article →

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