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Virgin Galactic, which is optimistic about  offering orbital human spaceflights, also has plans of launching suborbital space science missions, providing suborbital spaceflights that are specially designed  for space tourists and launching small orbital satellites. This company gives its spacecraft more altitude and speed in the initial stages as compared to that of the ground because… Read Article →

It definitely sounds llike something fictional from an episode of Star Trek but the Oort cloud is a very real phenomenon.  It actually consists of a huge number of ice like objects which extend far beyond the orbit of Neptune and even the Kuiper belt.  No one is quite sure how big the Oort cloud… Read Article →

For anyone who knows any scientist, they will tell you that they have seen the scientists with some flashy drive some flashy cars. Have you ever asked yourself how and why scientists drive such flashy cars, well the truth is that most scientists buy these cars and do not lease them. If you are wondering… Read Article →

There have been fresh attempts to communicate with the stranded Russian probe – Phobos-Grunt.  It was destined for Mars when launched a couple of weeks ago but unfortunately got stuck in Earths Orbit.   Noone is quite sure what went wrong but the scientists and engineers on the project are hoping it can be fixed… Read Article →

Do you think watching stars is your favorite pastime? I definitely love doing this with my free iPhone, which I won for free in an online prize contest.  And if the answer is YES to my first question, you need to take advantage of the iphone app. Times have changed and therefore you no longer… Read Article →

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