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Fro many of us there’s been little to get excited about Donald Trump’s remarkable ascent to the President of the USA.  However despite all the negatives perhaps there’s something good that he might instigate, the rumours are that Trump want’s to send the US to the moon again. Apparently under consideration is a rapid and… Read Article →

There is an exciting development for the small but vibrant business sector in Cork in Southern Ireland.  The European Space Agency (ESA) is establishing a new center there to help support Irish companies start up particularly in the space sector.  It will facilitate the provision of investment capital as well as providing practical guidance and… Read Article →

There’s no best telescope for everybody. The biggest single article of glass telescope on earth could be the Large Binocular Telescope (LBT) in Arizona. This is excellent for taking pictures throughout the telescope, referred to as astrophotography. In spite of a little 60mm telescope, you are going to be able enough to see at least… Read Article →

For those of us approaching mid-life, have probably shared my perception of ‘outer space’ developed throughout my life. Forget the 50s B sci-fi movies where people just popped into their space ships and then wandered happily across the surface of some faraway planet – I’m looking at you Flash Gordon. For me the planets were… Read Article →

Professional astronomers searching image archives from the Spacewatch program, discovered several faint traces of 2004 MN4 on images taken in March of this year. The newly-reported positions were used to revise the orbit of the asteroid. The new calculations show that the asteroid will be a spectacular sight in 2029, but will safely pass the… Read Article →

In a couple of weeks, Sunday 20th July to be exact, it will be exactly 45 years since the first two astronauts set foot on the moon.  The USA and Russia,  poured money and resources in to various space programs that pushed back the boundaries like nothing before them.  In today’s money, the US spent… Read Article →

There doesn’t seem to be the money around anymore to seriously push the boundaries of space back.  The world my generation was brought up in – of Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica and Star Wars doesn’t seem any more closer than it was 30 years ago. In all these films and series, mankind didn’t just hang… Read Article →

“Let’s see if we can see a satellite,”  whispered my mother one evening.  I was 8.  Full of wonder I followed my mother outside.  We lay on the ground looking up at the stars.  We waited.  That night we saw five satellites pass overhead.  The crossed the milky way, blazoned across the night sky.  I… Read Article →

  Astronomy is the study of celestial objects, like the moons, planets, stars and so on. Furthermore, it’s the study of the physics, chemistry and evolution of these objects. Gardening is the practice of planting, growing and observing the evolution of various seeds into plants. Looking closely, there’s a connection there, with difference being that… Read Article →

If you want to get some better views of the night sky then Northumberland could well be the place to be.  There is currently an initiative to try and secure ’dark sky’ status for an area of the county covering 400 square miles.  The location is supposed to around the Kieder Forest area and it… Read Article →

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