Getting Closer To The Stars

Astronomy to me is one of the most fascinating things on earth, maybe because i is as close as most people will get to travelling from earth and exploring the infinite beyond. I have always held a strong interest from a young age and where most people tend move on from that to sport or other such things my unending interest kept me close to studying astronomy.

I have even added a conservatory to my house that acts as my own observatory, although it may not be on the scale that  dream of it still has had a lot of money spent on it and I can spend many cloudless nights sat there dreaming of making a discovery that would shake the world of Astronomy.

Although I did have an issue to start off with in regards to getting right up to a telescope, I hade a mole on my nose and although it caused no medical issues it did mean that I couldn’t get right up to the eyepiece and for many years my star gazing suffered because of that and so I decided that the only option available to me was to go down the route of mole removal¬†and so I decided to do some research on the subject.

It turns out that it was a far more common procedure than I would ever have imagined and rather than it being just for the rich and famous more and more people are looking towards this sort of surgery. I was in and out in no time at all and after the short healing period that had been recommended to me by my surgeon I went back to my favourite telescope and could not believe the difference it made to the whole experience.

I am sure that before I got this done I would have had no chance of making the kind of discovery that would see my name in astronomy journals around the globe, now I am more confident than ever.