Meteorite Sightings In The UK

In March 2012 there were hundreds of people reporting seeing a bright light which many eyewitnesses described as a fireball, some even contacted police as they thought it may have been a plane crashing.

It turned out to be a meteorite and was seen all across the UK by people in the South of England right upto sightings in Scotland at the other end of the country. The Met Office sent a tweet to reassure followers: ‘Hi all, for anyone seeing something in the night sky, we believe it was a meteorite.’

Other experts including astronomer Dr David Whitehouse claimed that it was most likely large enough to survive the entry but admitted that until the trajectory was calculated then where it may have landed was a mystery.

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Anyway, what a sight it was, I’ve seen shooting stars before but this was so bright and was visible for what seemed an age, a quite amazing sight. Did anybody else see the meteor?