My colleagues and I do a lot of sitting around late at night, drinking coffee and chatting. We have to wait for the telescope to move into position. We input data on the computer and then we wait for the computer to do its calculations and give us a read out. All these operations take… Read Article →

Here is an explanation of the Torino Impact Hazard Scale. This is the internationally recognized scale for talking about the risks posed by asteroids and comets hitting the earth, or coming close enough to the Earth to cause damage. This is a danger that is not simply confined to sci-fi movies and novels. It is… Read Article →

Astronomy is one of those magical careers that kids dream about all their childhood, before life and reality all too often gets in the way. Yes, entry into professional stargazing is tough. Even those with high grade PhDs have to jostle with many others with equally excellent qualifications, because job openings are so very few…. Read Article →

With city lights becoming brighter the star are becoming something that are becoming more difficult for people to see and enjoy there beauty.  Light pollution obscures the stars in the night sky for city dwellers, interferes with astronomical observatories and like any other form of pollution, disrupts ecosystems and has adverse health effects. Its something that worries me that some children have never… Read Article →

Astronomy is something that amazes us all, every since being a small child I have always gazed into the stars wondering what is out there.  Are there galaxies filled with millions of intergalactic communities like you see in Star Wars? Or are we all alone here on Earth, the lone jewel of the universe.  Well… Read Article →

Last week in the skies above the UK the two planets Venus and Jupiter appeared as bright as diamonds in the black night. I quickly grabbed a nice warm cup of coffee from my fancy new espresso maker and made for the back garden with the binoculars. Despite being a vast distance from each other… Read Article →

There is nothing more exciting than seeing Mars light up the sky with its red beauty. Even better is finding a great spot in which the stars are bright and you feel closer than ever. In this article I will tell you about the St George Utah area and how amazing it is for star… Read Article →

I’m certain that there must be lots of people who have wondered what it’s like to look through a telescope but haven’t got round to buying one of their own.   Wouldn’t it be great if there was a modern, sophisticated telescope which you could use online?  Well the simple answer is – yes there… Read Article →

We all know that the age of computer have increased its popularity a lot these days, now a person can barely live without a computer or the Internet. It is obvious that computer age makes works, tasks and jobs simple. Traditionally, offices use to store their confidential and important information in the company through writing. They… Read Article →

Something not many people know about me is that by day, I work at a merchant account company helping other businesses accept credit card payments. But I moonlight as a wannabe astronomer; that’s where my real passion is. I am most interested in asteroids. I’ve always hoped that I would be able to discover one… Read Article →

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