Astronomy can tell quite a few things about our natural world. The wine industry is slowly beginning to use astronomy among other natural disciplines to attempt to guess which vineyard locations would be best suited for their specific brand of wine.  As a wine of the month club once told me, vineyard planting is often… Read Article → had a ton of great articles posted  and if I have some free time later today I’ll post more of them. The first one I wanted to talk about, however, was Gregg Easterbrook’s criticism of NASA.  Essentially, he argues, NASA spends way too much time and way too much money trying to please those who… Read Article →

Star parties are by far the best means of engaging in amateur astronomy.  These gatherings are usually held in remote places, and hundreds of keen astronomers gather together – observing strict rules about avoiding light pollution – to enjoy the wonders of their heavens with their latest telescopes. The one drawback about star parties is,… Read Article →

There are some incredible applications for Apples New Ipad tablet.  However one of the most impressive ones is actually a very good astronomy program called Star Walk.  On one side it’s a fantastic source of facts and information about the solar system, at least the equal of an astronomy guide – however if you check… Read Article →

Right now there are lots of kids in high school and college that are confused over what career to choose or area of study to go into. They might also be pondering their choices of what college student jobs to get that will help them in the future. Adding to that difficulty is the fact… Read Article →

In March 2012 there were hundreds of people reporting seeing a bright light which many eyewitnesses described as a fireball, some even contacted police as they thought it may have been a plane crashing. It turned out to be a meteorite and was seen all across the UK by people in the South of England… Read Article →

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