Spending a lifetime studying the skies can be hard especially as discoveries are so few and far between so if a discovery is out there how would you celebrate? There is always Champagne but that is a bit old hat and a nice way of celebrating with a drink is having a good whisky like… Read Article →

  It’s New Year’s Eve, and that means millions of people around the world will be looking up towards the sky, although this probably won’t be for the constellations or night time activity, but instead for the bright flashes from fireworks.  In my home town in North Devon, we all line the banks of the… Read Article →

One of the interesting aspects of Asteroids which I don’t think is discussed enough is how they affect both the gravitational access of Earth, but also the sea level and way the seas sit in general. I mean, did you know that the largest Asteroids are actually capable of shifting the Oceans on a permanent… Read Article →

Some pioneering individuals who used to work for NASA have set up a company called Golden Spike. Their goal is to send the first tourists to the moon as part of their space tourism venture, their deadline is before 2020.  The company said that this business was perfectly timed as the there have been developments… Read Article →

Humans have been explored space since the beginning of the ages. In Camarillo Observatory we are researching the mysteries of universe as well as observing new and unknown space objects. Lately it has come to attention that the Speed of light has various and unknown possibilities e.g. it could be possible to do time travel… Read Article →

There has been published this month a study based on a collaboration of Japanese and European scientists on the stellar processes responsible for creating various elements including silver. We all are probably familiar with the creation process behind the lighter elements like hudrogen and helium for example.  They were all created during the Big Bang… Read Article →

While star-gazing with the latest technology is a sure way to enjoy some of the finest experiences of the skies above our head, during a recent excursion into Cornwall I had the chance to get back to basics with nothing more than a basic telescope and one of the purest dark skies I have seen… Read Article →

I thought about the Camarillo Observatory as well as its contemporaries in Palomar and Italy the other day for a few reasons.  To start, a couple of disaster movies were on television and each contained a bit about an asteroid coming toward Earth. It was interesting to hear one of my friends who works in… Read Article →

If you want to get some better views of the night sky then Northumberland could well be the place to be.  There is currently an initiative to try and secure ’dark sky’ status for an area of the county covering 400 square miles.  The location is supposed to around the Kieder Forest area and it… Read Article →

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