We’ve all heard the Apollo 13 story right and probably seen the movies, haven’t we? The story is pretty simple, a computer failure led the astronauts and their compatriots in Houston to have to do incredibly complex math by hand in order to save the shuttle from overshooting Earth and never being seen from again…. Read Article →

Newbies getting started in astronomy have to face a variety of different difficulties. One of the most complicated is the option of a telescope. There are plenty of to select from and too often there  are lowest details on best one to buy for your particular needs and wants. Clearly, several newbies to the activity… Read Article →

There have been fresh attempts to communicate with the stranded Russian probe – Phobos-Grunt.  It was destined for Mars when launched a couple of weeks ago but unfortunately got stuck in Earths Orbit.   Noone is quite sure what went wrong but the scientists and engineers on the project are hoping it can be fixed… Read Article →

The loss of life is like nothing else we can experience as a company, or a culture….that much is sure. That being said, the ways a winery handles one of their wine gifts going bad (just ask the masters at http://www.uncorkedventures.com/WineGifts) or a vintage getting poor rankings from a major wine critic, can be useful… Read Article →

Do you think watching stars is your favorite pastime? I definitely love doing this with my free iPhone, which I won for free in an online prize contest.  And if the answer is YES to my first question, you need to take advantage of the iphone app. Times have changed and therefore you no longer… Read Article →

Astronomy to me is one of the most fascinating things on earth, maybe because i is as close as most people will get to travelling from earth and exploring the infinite beyond. I have always held a strong interest from a young age and where most people tend move on from that to sport or… Read Article →

Asteroids are distinguished as small solar system bodies that orbit a sun. Specifically, we consider small planetoids that orbit around our sun to the distance of Jupiter to be asteroids. Asteroids are usually rocky or metallic. Their composition varies greatly from one asteroid to the next. Due to their orbit in the solar system many… Read Article →

It was an asteroid 65 million years ago that hit the Earth in Russia and set up a plume of smoke that enveloped the earth. This caused years of wintry conditions. It was this episode that caused the demise of the dinosaurs and the ascendency of birds and mammals. We thus owe our evolutionary position… Read Article →

It isn’t every day that a crisis, a true crisis hits within astronomy.  We’re not talking about a long range rover going missing in transit, although a government losing millions of dollars is never a good thing for the industry.  Instead we’re talking about a true crisis, lives being put at stake.  Unlike a lot… Read Article →

The European debt crisis has affected many countries within the content thereby putting financial strain on the citizens as well as their government. However, there are countries in Europe that are handling it better than others, while other countries decide to work together to be able to pull themselves out of the crisis. The PIGS… Read Article →

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