Space Exploration and It’s Affect on Agriculture

I think that most of us here can agree on one simple premise, the space program gives us a number of break throughs and inventions that are not directly related with its usualy tenents of exploring space and showing the rest of the universe what the human race is all about.

One of the real clear examples is the cretion of velcro, which was created originally by NASA.  It makes you wonder, if you’ve ever given a single wine gift about the affect that’s possible if we ever did find intelligent life elsewhere.  We always talk about how energy is created and used, but I think it makes sense to wonder about food production as well.  If another race is smarter than us, it makes sense to reason that their brains are larger and require more calories.  We can also assume their civilizations are larger, in order to reach critical mass that’s probably true.  Anyway, they’d have to be creating a HUGE amount of consumable calories for their members.

How are they doing that and how does it affect both the amount of food they can produce, but also the quality?