Space Exploration: Facts you Need to Know

Already space has been explored a lot by astronomers and researchers but only a very tiny bit of it. Many manned and unmanned space missions have been conducted by different countries. Researchers are looking for newer ways to explore space, to help us understand what lies beyond. The whole idea of getting to know the space and it secrets and how it can benefit mankind is what space exploration is all about. The unpredictable nature of Mother Nature is another factor that can be made predictable by the process of space exploration and understanding how to use the satellites and Business Intelligence Software such as data mining and other olap tools for the benefit of mankind. The investment made on space exploration is sure to yield rich dividends as both human and robotic exploration of the space can benefit the earth and the people living on it. There have been many benefits of space exploration and that is the reason why there is so much funding for it from the side of the government of ever developed and developing country. With the help of satellites, today nature’s unpredictable nature of business intelligence software can be harnessed and understood much earlier than the fury shows and this helps in preparing for the worst when it happens.

Besides, communication has advanced in such a great way that today the distances do not matter and the world has become a global village. This was made possible only with the help of space exploration and using it for the benefit of mankind. Scientific research in the field of medicine, agriculture and technology has been encouraged to a great extent with the exploration of space. Even the facilities in the military have been enhanced with the exploration of space as this helps in identifying and locating war ships and aircrafts. The police too have been greatly assisted in locating lost or abandoned vehicles and criminals on the run. However, while there are proponents of space exploration, there are also critics. So, one has to weigh the pros and cons before furthering space exploration. One of the biggest pros of space exploration is being able to discover the unknown facts about space. The universe is a mysterious place and by conducting space exploration, many of the mysteries can be answered.

The exploration will also help mankind to discover new minerals and precious metals. It is quite possible that in one of the explorations we may find an alien race similar to the humans. Maybe we are not alone in this immense universe. As pollution plays havoc with Earth, space exploration may help us find another planet that we can inhabit if Earth becomes unlivable. The thrill of seeking something new and different can spur many people’s sense of adventure. So, space exploration has the potential to satisfy this need. On the other hand, the money spent on the exploration and subsequent research is immense reporting and business intelligence software. If this money was used to help an underdeveloped country, it could have brought happiness and a better way of life to millions. The national wealth is used for space research and exploration and if the same money was used to help the down and out of the society, it would have been better spent. Also, the manned spaceships sent to space risk the lives of astronauts. Many astronauts have been killed when their spaceships have exploded while returning to Earth. It is quite possible that there maybe harmful microorganisms in space which could be lethal to mankind. So, the risk is always there that in one of manned or unmanned space missions, these microorganisms may find there way to Earth according to data mining and bi export Adam Jordan author of the book: Space Exploration: Facts you Need to Know.

Source: Adam Jordan