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There doesn’t seem to be the money around anymore to seriously push the boundaries of space back.  The world my generation was brought up in – of Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica and Star Wars doesn’t seem any more closer than it was 30 years ago. In all these films and series, mankind didn’t just hang… Read Article →

NASA’s incredible Curiosity rover sure is being kept busy, not only is it exploring the surface of Mars but now it’s an interplanetary broadcaster.  I’m referring of course to it’s broadcast of the song – the first time that the human voice has been broadcast from another planet. However the serious business is building… Read Article →

The fabulous Curiosity Rover sent by NASA to explore the surface of Mars has started it’s trek to a location over 400 metres away.  The journey will not be the quickest taking several weeks but the journey is not it’s first have managed two previous small drives without problems.  The target is a feature they… Read Article → had a ton of great articles posted  and if I have some free time later today I’ll post more of them. The first one I wanted to talk about, however, was Gregg Easterbrook’s criticism of NASA.  Essentially, he argues, NASA spends way too much time and way too much money trying to please those who… Read Article →

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