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One thing I couldn’t help but think about the other day, when I saw an asteroid shooting through the sky, in front of the moon…was how our climate and wider economy and very way of life would be affected if anything changed in the near term area away from Earth. Scientists refer to the near… Read Article →

One of the interesting aspects of Asteroids which I don’t think is discussed enough is how they affect both the gravitational access of Earth, but also the sea level and way the seas sit in general. I mean, did you know that the largest Asteroids are actually capable of shifting the Oceans on a permanent… Read Article →

I think that most of us here can agree on one simple premise, the space program gives us a number of break throughs and inventions that are not directly related with its usualy tenents of exploring space and showing the rest of the universe what the human race is all about. One of the real… Read Article →

I don’t think there is any doubt that NASA is experiencing one of their most dramatic period of change in the history of the organization.  To start, the Space Shuttle, a staple of the United States efforts in space has been virtually scrapped for all time.  As of today, the country and NASA itself does… Read Article →

We’ve all heard the Apollo 13 story right and probably seen the movies, haven’t we? The story is pretty simple, a computer failure led the astronauts and their compatriots in Houston to have to do incredibly complex math by hand in order to save the shuttle from overshooting Earth and never being seen from again…. Read Article →

The loss of life is like nothing else we can experience as a company, or a culture….that much is sure. That being said, the ways a winery handles one of their wine gifts going bad (just ask the masters at or a vintage getting poor rankings from a major wine critic, can be useful… Read Article →

It isn’t every day that a crisis, a true crisis hits within astronomy.  We’re not talking about a long range rover going missing in transit, although a government losing millions of dollars is never a good thing for the industry.  Instead we’re talking about a true crisis, lives being put at stake.  Unlike a lot… Read Article →

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