Taking a loan to take a trip with Virgin Galactic to the stars

Virgin Galactic, which is optimistic about  offering orbital human spaceflights, also has plans of launching suborbital space science missions, providing suborbital spaceflights that are specially designed  for space tourists and launching small orbital satellites. This company gives its spacecraft more altitude and speed in the initial stages as compared to that of the ground because it launches it from large aeroplanes. The company, whose special aeroplanes, namely, the White Knight 1 and White Knight 2, launch a platform for the Spaceship 1 spacecraft by functioning as the mother ship, is part of the Richard Branson Virgin Group that fixes large fixed wing aircraft. The Virgin Galactic, whose Spaceship 2 spacecraft costs approximately $200,000 per person (Finance a trip with Minilning in Belgie), has more than 550 people who want to fly with it to the stars. However, although it considers this cost affordable many people are unable to raise the amount all at once. For this reason, this company requires them to pay a deposit. Notable personalities such as Tom Hanks, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt ,Stephen Hawking and Ashton Kutcher has managed to submit their deposits but the rest have opted to delay for a while so they can get time to take loans from various financial institutions, family members and friends.