The Final Frontier

Space exporation, that’s quite a vast and never ending task but it is one that many people decide to delve into. Let me tell you, it is very interesting. You do have to have that certain something that makes you want to study the sky for days at a time but it is all worth it when you see something new or different that reminds you that out there is everything and forever.

This kind of job can be tiring though because of the levels of concentration youhave to put in so taking regular breaks to freshen your eyes and your mind is highly recommended. We just got a great new corner sofa installed in the break room and it certainly clears the worries from your head as soon as you sit down. It is so comfortable and relaxing and you can lose yourself for quite some time on there.

I am hoping to write a paper soon about some of my theories and I am sure you will forgive me for not divulging the exact content but let’s just say a certain Mr Higgs will be yesterdays news when they hear what I have to say.