The increasing speeds of Universe

Humans have been explored space since the beginning of the ages. In Camarillo Observatory we are researching the mysteries of universe as well as observing new and unknown space objects. Lately it has come to attention that the Speed of light has various and unknown possibilities e.g. it could be possible to do time travel as well as travelling to distant galaxies and realities. Scientists and astronomers nowadays research various possibilities and quantum physic theories of what could happen when moving at such a speed. Universe is also expanding with unbelievable speeds that relates to string theory.

US landed the first person on moon more than 40 years ago and enormous rocket speeds were developed – more than 10000 m/h. Much lower speeds however are made on land, water and air. Since than only 12 people have walked on the moon and none of them more than once. It seems that nowadays instead of space exploration scientists tend to explore the speeds achievable on our beloved earth. Planes, cars, motorbikes, boats and other vehicles have been developed to such an extent that they can develop enormous and speeds. Planes and various cars go over ultrasonic speed nowadays and it seems that with speeds like that universe comes conquerable. Some of these speedy vehicles could even be used in space exploration, such as the new Mars shuttle – Couriosity, that landed on Mars in 2012.

Speed freaks, manufacturers and scientists compete every year in developing the fastest vehicles on the earth. Nowadays they can develop speeds even above 500 m/h thanks to new engine systems, reactive turbines and new materials. Fast cars has always attracted people, the speed and power developed by engine can fancy even an average Sunday driver. Some of fastest cars in New Zealand and speed freaks can be found here: Some amazing and fast cars can be discovered in NZ speed freaks – with hundreds of latest videos of speedy cars and other vehicles.