The New Frontier

Space exploration has always been a fascinating subject but so few take it further and beyond a childhood interest and make the efoort to go on to study it further. The internet is changing that with a vast amount of information available online as well as resouces to actually see some of the amazing things that are out there.

Though it may take many years of study to become an expert in the fireld it is good that it is easier to show an interest and looking online for resources such as websites, videos and pictures can be enough to whet the appetite. 

Having these resources in place can help and inspire a new generation to take more of an interest and keep up with it, in turn this should make for a brighter future in space exploration. This kind of information is vital to understanding fully our natural history and how we are affecting our environment. It will be interesting to see what the next big space discovery is and if Hollywood is right it will either be aliens or a comet that will wipe out the human race. We shall see.