Top Star Gazing Spots – Part 1

There is nothing more exciting than seeing Mars light up the sky with its red beauty. Even better is finding a great spot in which the stars are bright and you feel closer than ever. In this article I will tell you about the St George Utah area and how amazing it is for star gazing.

I am sure many of you have heard of Utah before but many are unfamiliar with the St George area. St George is approx. a 3 hour drive from Salt Lake City. You can also get to Las Vegas very quickly from the area. Best of all you are right next to one of the most beautiful star gazing sites, Zions National Park.

In this park you will be able to both hike and find spots that you can see the stars for miles. In this region of Utah you will not find any pollution. The lack of pollution will ensure you can see the stars you have always dreamed about. So if you are thinking about making a star gazing trip be sure to put Utah on your list.