Watch the Stars with an iPhone app

Do you think watching stars is your favorite pastime? I definitely love doing this with my free iPhone, which I won for free in an online prize contest.  And if the answer is YES to my first question, you need to take advantage of the iphone app. Times have changed and therefore you no longer need to gain astronomy knowledge using your telescope. It is possible for you to have a suitable astronomy app on your iphone so that you can begin to make your star gazing a worthwhile experience. There are various astronomy apps that you can use to watch the stars. It is upon you to asses your needs carefully in order to make a wise choice.

With such apps, you are able to make star gazing a fascinating and fulfilling hobby whether you are standing in your balcony or observatory. People who have used astronomy apps say that as you stare at the stars, you become transposed into another world of beauty and splendor. You begin to wallow in a world of your own and sometimes you wish that you could stay there forever. When you download the Star Walk on your free iphone, won in an online competition, you are able to not only enjoy watching the stars but also learning about the planets, stars and constellations. The other good thing about Star Walk is that it has a feature such as Location Awareness and it is designed to spice up the whole experience of star gazing and learning about other heavenly bodies.

In case Star Walk is not a perfect match for your needs, you may consider the Pocket Universe app for your iphone. It allows you to locate constellations and stars virtually and be able to get info about planets. It also has a feature called Time Travel Mode that enables you to see how the night will look like on a given future date. You can also be updated about possible lunar phases and meteor showers in the comfort of your observatory.