What Surprises Could The Heavens Behold?

Astronomy is something that amazes us all, every since being a small child I have always gazed into the stars wondering what is out there.  Are there galaxies filled with millions of intergalactic communities like you see in Star Wars? Or are we all alone here on Earth, the lone jewel of the universe.  Well the only way to find out questions to answers like this is to gaze up into the heavens to study what could be.

By day I work for a credit card debt relief company however at night I am an avid star gazer.  Taking time as often as possible to bring my son our back and see what celestial miracles we can spot.  Fortunately I live in a very rural area, so the light from big cities does not obstruct my view of the stars.  As our civilization grows more advanced with technology we will hopefully be able to travel far out into our own solar system and beyond one day.  Just imagine what life would be like living in a space station orbiting Jupiter or Uranus?  Imagine being part of that first trip to another star system completely and what marvels and scientific breakthroughs are there to be found?  Unfortunately most of this talk is the stuff of impossibility, especially right now but our distant predecessors may indeed conquer these feats one day.