Why Scientists prefer buying over leasing a car

For anyone who knows any scientist, they will tell you that they have seen the scientists with some flashy drive some flashy cars. Have you ever asked yourself how and why scientists drive such flashy cars, well the truth is that most scientists buy these cars and do not lease them. If you are wondering why they do this, then you should know that there are many reasons as to why scientists prefer buying cars.  The first reason as to why scientists prefer buying cars is because they have a huge steady income. One thing about scientists is that they have a steady income and this gives them the chance to afford a car.

Most scientists will buy a new car rather than go and lease it, which is what many people would rather do. Apart from having a steady income, many scientists find buying a car a lot cheaper compared to leasing one. The info that was the most promising was found here: http://geldlenenvooreenauto.com/huurkoop/ This is because once you buy a car, you will always use it and you can always sell it. This is unlike leasing a car, whereby you give it back when you are done using it. This will in the end leave you broke and without a car.